Digital Solutions Manager

You are a member of the Digital Solutions & Online Management team, which is part of Global Marketing. The team is responsible for the management and development of Robeco’s global digital marketing tooling in our B2B environment, which ranges from managing our entire website domain, to managing our social media channels and distributing our content via email. We do this for all our audiences across the globe, and with a relatively small team.

As Digital Solutions Manager  (Reporting) at Robeco, you will work on the ongoing development and constant improvement of our Reporting and Sales Enablement tooling. Reporting is a pivotal part of the customer journey at Robeco and  the role entails further improving our efforts to produce first-class service for clients. Managing all stakeholders involved is an important part of your role. Reporting will be your primary attention area, but you will also closely liaise with colleagues responsible for Sales Enablement. You are the link between Marketing, IT and the Reporting Team for your domain.

As Digital Solutions Manager your primary role is;

  • translate our business’s reporting needs into practical online solutions. This involves starting new reporting initiatives and architecting optimal infrastructures for report optimization, both online and in PDF format.
  • Your position demands a hands-on approach, particularly in tasks such as project coordination and supporting the functions of the Reporting Board.
  • You’ll need to work independently while acting as the bridge between Marketing and the Reporting/IT teams, managing priorities, defining requirements, and ensuring smooth progress.
  • Demands project management skills, knowledge of asset management, and a good grasp of digital tools. Plus, you’ll need strong analytical skills and the ability to balance strategy with action.
  • In addition to your main role, you’ll work closely with colleagues on Sales Enablement Tooling like Seismic.
  • This role requires project skills, knowledge of the asset management industry and an understanding of digital infrastructures. You need strong analytical and project skills, and be able to combine a long-term vision with a hands-on approach.

We are looking for a so called T-shaped professional.
In addition to these main responsibilities, you are, along with your direct colleagues, responsible for the Sales Enablement Tooling (e.g. Seismic) that we run, and work closely together with colleagues working on social media and newsletter distribution. You would support and substitute your Sales Enablement colleague where necessary.
You are analytical, proactive, firm, pragmatic, results-oriented, and communicative. You enjoy working in the broad spectrum of Marketing, asset management and IT. You thrive on making things work and are a solutions-oriented, creative problem solver. You are passionate about everything online with a hands-on, can-do mentality.


  • Master’s degree and at least four years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience of asset management and project management
  • Demonstrable affinity with online management.
  • Strong analytical skills and inquisitive by nature
  • Interest in and knowledge of online marketing processes and key success factors – this means you are able to optimize results using all relevant factors
  • Strong communication skills – you are constantly in contact and alignment with many different stakeholders, and understand and like to engage with marketers as well as IT professionals
  • Passionate about optimizing your deliverables step by step, you are able to convince stakeholders about the necessity of optimizing – you also act as the bridge between IT, Reporting and marketing.

You can expect an ambitious environment where together we strive to create a fantastic workplace where you feel safe and challenged to be the best version of yourself + competitive salary package.

For more information; Dick Macrander / Esther Demeree, – 06-33315227